Shaig Muslum

I collaborate with talented people and companies to create products and services.


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Second Culture – Fashion Brand

Where art meet fashion

Case Study UI/UX — CraigsList

Imagination will often carry leads us to worlds that never exist. But without it we can’t get anywhere.

GoTrack – Money Track Application

There is no day we spend money almost every day. Don’t we? Earn with mind spend with heart

Ocean Wave — Social App

Take and share your memories.

I’m Shaig, a Digital Product Designer

based in Baku, Azerbaijan.

I’m a Digital Product Designer currently working as a freelancer. I collaborate with determined people and companies to create products and services that have an exceptional user experience. Most recently, I’ve worked on digital products related to B2B and Social Media company.

Expertized in design thinking, wireframing, UX interactive prototyping, final UI graphics production. Skilled in using Adobe Xd, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,  Adobe After Effects.

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