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About Me

behind the scenes at beyond

I am Beyond

As a freelance UX / UI designer, always work with a clear timeframe towards specific deliverables and outcomes, so even though the design is a creative process, it’s always aligned with the business objectives.

I approach all my projects, regardless of the project size, with a kick-off discovery session to understand my client’s vision, the business objectives, and what the user data is indicating. I’ve trained myself to make a quick usability test the moment I open a new website or an app, so this comes almost for free during our first meeting.

Insight Driven

I use the power of research and data to uncover insights that lead to transformational change.

User Centric

I create experiences that improve our collective human experience.

Systematically Tested

I validate our solutions by creating testable experiments that produce exceptional outcomes. 

Financially Impactful

I deliver work that has immediate, substantial, and sustained impact on your bottom line. 

Your Dream.

Product & Service Innovation

I concept, design, and deliver best-in-class products and services. Beyond websites and applications, I make interactive environments and deliver innovative user experiences.

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