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The Research

Research results are the basis of a project. The more it is, the stronger it will be.


Analyzing is like seeing the end. You are at the beginning but you know a lot.

Project Insights

We cannot predict all movements. only we can draw a path for ourselves.

UI Design Process

My design process started with taking these insights and moving into lo-fi wireframes, then a brief shareholder review. After this, I moved into hi-fi wireframes that could be sent to the team for copy ideation.

The goal with the hi-fi wireframes was to provide a visual representation of how the user experience would look from an information and branding perspective.

Final Designs

Regardless of being the only designer, the design process was meant to be collaborative. After each step, I extensively reviewed and analyzed the designs to find areas of improvement — ultimately leading up to the final screens.

When moving from wireframe through the iteration process, the main objective was to create an experience that was simple, but informative.

Detailed campaign search

In very large companies, sometimes campaigns may increase as much as team members cannot get out of it. Therefore, a detailed search is required.

Easy customizable campaigns

Campaigns created by different team members can be customized by the same members or authorized members. The goal is to easily manage all your progress from the same place.

Sorted email templates

It is possible to edit email templates in one place and save them as drafts. Later saved templates can be easily accessed.


Better than any visual

Digital marketing is overtaking traditional marketing as social media platforms and targeted ads make it possible to interact with specific audiences in real time.

In this concept design, I thought about how much convenience a marketing company would make in their work. Complex marketing tools are always a reason to start off low motivation. I hope I will publish this entire design as soon as possible. Case study on naming and branding will be published soon.

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